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  "Le Mayolois" Bulletin

July 2017

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Mayor's Message

Welcome to our Website


Our little municipality of just over 600 inhabitants was founded in 1864 by newcomers from Ireland, likely from the County Mayo, who had escaped the famine in their country.


Our municipality of 77.5 square kilometres is traversed by a beautiful little river that winds down from the north-west to the south-east, parallel to provincial highway 315. In the last century, many inhabitants of the neighboring city of Buckingham came here to build their cottages along the Rivière Blanche, Long lake and La Blanche lake. Today, 75% of these residences are permanent homes. To the south, the less rugged section of the territory is home to farms surrounded by large deciduous forests.

The most precious gem, and the one of which we are proudest, is without a doubt the Forêt-La-Blanche Ecological Reserve, featuring walking trails that testify to the exceptional diversity of western Québec’s deciduous forests.

The municipality abounds with picturesque countryside. After Highway 50 was extended, arriving just south of our municipality, our population doubled, rising by 52 % between 1996 and 2011.


Mayo, a welcoming rural environment where each citizen is proud

to be part of a community that lives in harmony with nature!


 Normand Vachon, Mayor